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Kenyans’ taste for apartments grows

Author: Standard Media

Amid depressed house prices for the better part of last year, a majority of Kenyans who went into the market opted for apartments. This is according to the latest Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) Housing Price Index (HPI) that…

How a 50km road project built property millionaires

Author: Standard Media Group

Roads remain the essential network of the non-virtual world. They are the infrastructure upon which almost all other infrastructure depends. They are the paths of human endeavour.”

When Ted Conover, a celebrated journalist and American author, said this, he certainly did not have Thika Highway in mind…

Covid-19: Land prices fall, rental income expected to decline

Author: The Citizen

The Covid-19 pandemic has reduced investor speculation on the appreciation of land prices leading to the lower setting of prices, a new report shows. The report by Hass Consult covering the first quarter of 2020 shows….